Kuskitannee Lodge 168 History Book

February 9, 2015 Aaron Coffman Kuskitannee Lodge 168Lodges

The first of the 4 Lodges in Section NE-4B has completed their history book! We strongly encourage everyone to read through Kuskitannee’s Lodge History Book and learn a little more about this great Lodge.


COC Meeting Reminder

February 3, 2015 Aaron Coffman COCSection Secretary

This is a reminder to all of those on the COC that there will be a COC meeting this Sunday at the Laurel Highlands Council Service Center in Ebensburg at approximately 2:00pm.  


Arrowmen Service Award

January 5, 2015 Aaron Coffman Northeast RegionSection Secretary

The purpose of the Arrowman Service Award (ASA) is to encourage Arrowmen to recommit themselves to the ideals of the Order, increase their level of service to their local unit and council, and participate in the 100th anniversary celebration of the OA. The award will have three categories of criteria with various requirements that Arrowmen […]


Northeast Region Chief 2015

January 5, 2015 Aaron Coffman Northeast Region

At the National Planning meeting Matt Bell from our neighbor section NE-4A was elected Northeast Region Chief. We wish you the best of luck this year and we look forward to working with you through out our Centennial Celebration!! Section NE-4B


OAHA Scholarship Application

November 30, 2014 Aaron Coffman Section Secretary

Here is the Section-Sponsored OA High Adventure Scholarship Application form. There are 2 scholarships available. Please apply. The deadline is midnight of February 2nd. This scholarship covers the $250 registration fee for any of the OA high adventure (OAHA) programs including: OA Trail Crew, Canadian Odyssee, OA Ocean Adventure, Summit Experience, or Wilderness Voyage. Applications […]


Guinness World Record Update

November 10, 2014 Aaron Coffman ConclaveMonaken Lodge 103Section Secretary

We have received word back from the Guinness World Record Company in regard to out potential record at Conclave. However, it was not the response we were hoping for. All of Guinness’ records must be something that can be broken worldwide, relevant to people everywhere. Gathering signatures on a sash is a “geographically restricted” attempt, […]


Conclave 2015 Promo Video

October 26, 2014 Aaron Coffman Monaken Lodge 103Section Secretary

Hey guys Monaken Lodge 103 has published their 2015 promo video for Section NE-4B’s 2015 centennial conclave! Check it out and get pumped! http://youtu.be/6L9GynUuPFg Aaron Coffman


Gathering of Leaders!

September 20, 2014 Max Cravener Section Secretary

We have been having a killer time at GOL and are looking forward to a fantastic year of Conclave and NOAC with the upcoming 100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.


Important info for the September COC

September 4, 2014 Aaron Coffman Section Secretary

Dear Section NE-4B, I would like let all of the Lodge Officers know that we are asking them to prepare for the COC meeting on September 14th a plan on how they are preparing their Lodges for the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. We ask that you all pick something that is […]


Lodge Legacy Lid project needs to be completed ASAP

August 31, 2014 wcspink Section Secretary

The Lodge Legacy Lid  project needs to be sent in to National as soon as possible. This link has information on the Legacy Lid project: http://www.oa-bsa.org/pages/content/legacy-lid This link shows examples of Legacy Lids that have already been submitted. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0An1iKhZoeyHHdERvTUhTMzZWTTZVZ19HUVk1NGhMX0E#gid=0


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