Leadership Structure

The Council of Chiefs (CoC) is the governing body of the section. It is composed of three (youth) section officers, Section Chief, Section Vice Chief, Section Secretary.  It also includes the Lodge Chief and Conclave Chairmen of each lodge in the section and chairmen of section committees (as determined by the section).  In addition, it is composed of five (adult) section advisers, Section Adviser, three Associate Section Advisers, and the Section Staff Adviser.  It also includes the lodge, staff, and conclave advisers of each of the lodges in the section.

The main purpose of the CoC is to plan, organize and execute the annual conclave. In addition, committees may be set up to run other components as decided by the CoC,  The fundamental purpose of the CoC, however, is to provide a forum in which the lodges can share ideas and assistance with one another.

The CoC meets between three and four times a year, typically on a Saturday.  The Section will attempt to accommodate the schedules of all the lodges.  At the CoC meetings, each lodge is only allowed one vote.

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