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Q: What is a Conclave?
A: A Conclave is a gathering of Brothers from the 4 Lodges in our Section to a gathering held at one of the Host Lodge’s Camp.

Q: What goes on at a Conclave?
A: Conclaves are a weekend packed full of activities, shows, campfires, fellowship, patches, competitions, American Indian Affairs (AIA), and so much more! Conclave is the most fun you will have in a weekend in the Order of the Arrow!

Q: What’s the purpose of the Section?
A: The purpose and main goal of the Section is to assist the Lodge in all forms as they best see fit. One example of a way the Section assists the Lodges is through SALLS by training the LECs to help better the Lodges in both performance and JTE.

Q: What is SALLS?
A: SALLS is the Section Advancement of Lodge Leaders Summit which is a newer program that has been put together by the COC of Section NE-4B last year (2016). This program is a training designed to assist the Lodges through their executive committees to reach JTE Gold during their current Lodge year.

What is Order of the Arrow High Adventure?
Order of the Arrow High Adventure is a way in which Arrowmen can go to a High Adventure Base at a cheaper cost than going with a Troop or Council contingent. The program, depending on which Base you would choose to attend, is anywhere from 7 days to 14 days with half of the time being split between an amazing one of a kind trek planned by you and your crew and time spend providing service to the High Adventure Base.

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