Section FAQ


Q: What is a Conclave?
A: A Conclave is a gathering of Brothers from the 4 Lodges in our Section to a gathering held at one of the Host Lodge’s Camp.

Q: What goes on at a Conclave?
A: Conclaves are a weekend packed full of activities, shows, campfires, fellowship, patches, competitions, American Indian Affairs (AIA), and so much more! Conclave is the most fun you will have in a weekend in the Order of the Arrow!

Q: What’s the purpose of the Section?
A: The purpose and main goal of the Section is to assist the Lodge in all forms as they best see fit. One example of a way the Section assists the Lodges is through SALLS by training the LECs to help better the Lodges in both performance and JTE.

Q: What is SALLS?
A: SALLS is the Section Advancement of Lodge Leaders Summit which is a newer program that has been put together by the COC of Section NE-4B last year (2016). This program is a training designed to assist the Lodges through their executive committees to reach JTE Gold during their current Lodge year.

Q: What is Order of the Arrow High Adventure?
A Order of the Arrow High Adventure is a way in which Arrowmen can go to a High Adventure Base at a cheaper cost than going with a Troop or Council contingent. The program, depending on which Base you would choose to attend, is anywhere from 7 days to 14 days with half of the time being split between an amazing one of a kind trek planned by you and your crew and time spend providing service to the High Adventure Base.

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