2019 OAHA Scholarships

The Section voted unanimously to approve OA High Adventure Scholarships for the 2019 Season.  These programs offer youth Arrowmen from across the country to participate in any of the OA High Adventure Programs! These opportunities are truly a once in a life-time opportunities available only to our members. Our scholarship program, provided these (already affordable) experiences to select members of our Section for an even lower price! More information about OA High Adventure can be found HERE. If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, the application is available upon request from your Lodge Chief. If you have any questions regarding OA High Adventure, feel free to contact your Lodge Chief or any one of the Section Officers!

Can you help with security in the Porsche Paddock at the 2018 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix?

The Allegheny Region of the Porsche Club of America has a large presence every year at the Vintage Grand Prix.  They have asked us if we can help with security this summer.  There will be upwards of 200 Porsche cars in the paddock.  The security team will walk around and keep people from getting too close to the cars.

The event is July 14 and July 15.  Each day will be divided into two shifts:  9 AM to 1 PM and noon to 4 PM.  They are asking for up to 7 people per shift to help keep people from getting too close to the Porsches parked on the golf course.  The minimum age is 14.  Adults are welcome too.  You are responsible for getting to the Grand Prix and back home.

You get a free lunch and a patch for participating!  Admission is free for the security team.  You need to wear full a class A uniform with sash.

Click here for details:  Details on security needs

Please sign up ASAP if you want to help out.  Space is limited.  We set aside 5 slots per lodge until March 26.  After that they will be distributed to anyone who signs up based on first come first serve signup dates.

Click here to sign up

OAHA Scholarships

The Section will once again provide a few OAHA scholarships to Youth Arrowmen of the Section who are planning on participating in one of the many once in a life time opportunities provided by Order of the Arrow High Adventure. If you would like to know more about the program you can find more information HERE. You can also read more about them here on our Section website if you click here. You will also find the OAHA Scholarship forms (Word Document and Online Submission) at the link “click here”. If you have any questions regarding these adventures feel free to contact us on our Contact Page.


Conclave 2017 Survey

As mentioned at Conclave for all of those who attended Conclave, we are looking for feedback on the event to help Allohak Menewi in planning Conclave 2018. You can find the link to the Conclave Survey Here. A reminder that all of those who fill out the form will be entered into a chance to win a 2017 Conclave Event Patch set with all of the snap on bricks ($100 Value) just because we value your feedback! Let’s start off the year on the right track as we look onwards to Conclave 2018! (The prize winner will be selected Randomly at the Sections September COC Meeting)

SALLS 2017

The Registration for SALLS (Section Advancement of Lodge Leaders Summit) is officially open! SALLS is a training program ran by the Section for the LEC of all 4 Lodges in the Section. We plan to touch on the main weakness points given to us by the JTE results of the Lodges in our Section to help the Lodges grow and excel within the Order of the Arrow! For more information on SALLS you can Click Here. Or to register Click Here.


Where: IUP
When: March 25th
-Registration Opens at 8:00am
-SALLS begins at 8:30am
Cost: $25 per participant (One Participation Patch is included in price)


The Chief’s National Planning Meeting Report


It was a pleasure to be able to represent you in Dallas at the Nation Order of the Arrow Planning Meeting. Below you can find for your reading pleasure an article that I wrote to recap my Dallas Experience for you to see a little bit more of the behind the scenes footage of what happens at a Nation OA Planning Meeting.

Yours in Service,
Aaron Coffman
2016-17 NE-4B Chief

2016 National Planning Meeting Recap

A Letter from the Chief


            Brothers, much has been happening behind the scenes regarding Section NE-4B. Just to highlight some of the key points of the current business. The Order of the Arrow High Adventure Scholarship forms are out and applications are currently being accepted until January 14th at Midnight. This is a great opportunity for any scout ages 15 to 20 to attend a National High Adventure Base for just about the cost of the transportation to get there! This year we will be giving out 4 OAHA Scholarships to applicants. Online and Physical applications can be found Here and if you would like more information on the programs that are offered you can click Here. We highly encourage you to fill out an application if you are interested in attending a High Adventure Base through the OA’s program. These programs are a once in a lifetime opportunity that I can honestly say have changed my life in many ways and has given me opportunities that I would have never had any other way along with making me a ton of friends along the way!

Another big piece of news is that the belt Buckles that many have pre-ordered are finally in! They were delivered to Section Advisor Craig Spink’s work this past week. We are currently working to find the cheapest way to mail them out to those who have pre-paid for them if you would like to receive yours earlier than SALLS or Conclave. Feel free to Contact us Here.

Along the lines of fundraisers for the Section, don’t forget our SG Trading Post is open and can be found Here. Also if you have ordered one or more of the Section Challenge Coins you can feel free to pre-pay for them or pay for them in person at either SALLS or Conclave. Regarding other merchandise stay on the lookout because there will be some more stuff coming out soon! Thank you for all of the support you give us! If it wasn’t for you guys we would never be able to do what we do.

Operation Arrow, the OA’s presence at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree is going to be bigger than ever! If you have not signed up to be a part of this highly enthusiastic team of Arrowmen from all across this great nation I highly encourage you to do so! You can work as either a trek guide leading Jamboree Troops to the Garden Grounds at the Summit, Native American Village where you can spend your time at the Summit preforming traditional Native American style dances for Troops in full regalia, or on the Service Core where you will help the Jamboree run over all doing a lot of miscellaneous things to ensure that the Jamboree goes off without a hitch this year. If you have any questions regarding the program click Here or feel free to reach out us for more info.

Our Section Advancement of Lodge Leaders’ Summit, SALLS in short, planning is well underway for 2017. The date has been set for March 25th at IUP much like last year. The cost of the event and start and finish times will be out soon so stay posted for more information!

Thank You for your Time and Carry On!,
Aaron Coffman
Section NE-4B Chief 2016-17