Our Lodges

Wagion Lodge #6

In 1921, the Uniontown Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America chartered Umpah Lodge 6 which was based at Camp Umpah in Confluence Pa. After Umpah folded in the mid-1920s an Honor Society was started at Camp Wildwood in Normalville. This organization was known as the Wildwood Tribe of the Wigwam and was started in 1927 and ran until 1947 when it had it’s last event. In 1939 Wagion Lodge 6 was charted with the Westmoreland Fayette Council reviving the Umpah Lodge 6 and thus retaining its number. Wagion was based out of Camp Wesco in Stahlstown Pa before moving to Camp Conestoga in 1949 which has been its home ever since. In 2021 Wagion will be celebrating 100 years of continuous Honored Camping in the Westmoreland and Fayette Counties.

Allohak Menewi Lodge #57

The Order of the Arrow has had a strong presence in the area now covered by Laurel Highlands Council, an area that includes 17 counties spread out over three states. Allohak Menewi (whose name means “Stronger All Together”) is just the most recent in a line of sixteen lodges who have provided service and leadership at local, regional and even national levels. Allohak Menewi was formed in 2011 from the merger of Enda Lechauhanne and Nachamawat lodges. In 2014 we welcomed the members of Ahtuhguog Lodge #540 into our circle, bringing our membership to 1700 scouters, and making Allohak Menewi the 14th largest lodge in the nation.

Monaken Lodge #103

Monaken Lodge was first chartered in 1937 by Camp Director Jack Swetek and Program Director Reed Babcock who inducted the staff of Camp Auquanoshioni (now Seven Mountains Scout Camp) as the first members. The original charter named the lodge as Juniata even though most knew them as Monaken. Due to the loss of records due to a fire in the cabin they were stored in, some of the history of the lodge is unknown. The first ordeal was either held at Treasure Island and performed by Unami Lodge, or another lodge visited the camp and performed the ceremony there. In 1939, the lodge saw their first brotherhood members, and first vigil members in 1948.

Kuskitannee Lodge #168

Kuskitannee Lodge 168 was founded in 1973 through the merger of Packanke Lodge 419 and Unalachtigo 168. Kuskitannee derives its name from the Kuskuskiees trail which stretches across Butler County to Kittanning. The brook trout was chosen as the Lodge totem as it inhabits Slippery Rock Creek, which bounds both Camps Bucoco and Agawam in the Council. The Lodge hosted its first Conclave in 1975 and has had many section officers over the years. Kuskitannee is also proud to be the reigning champion in Northern Drumming at NOAC 5 times! WHO’S GREAT?! 168!

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